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                                       An Introduction to Our Family and a Welcome to You!   

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The goal of the Bradley Church of Christ is to be faithful New Testament Christians.  It is our purpose to be completely identified with the Christians of the first century. We believe this to be possible to all who will learn, believe and be guided by the plain teaching of the word of God. Jesus declared such to be "the seed of the kingdom" (Luke 8:11). A fundamental truth in nature is that a specific kind of seed, when planted, will always produce after its kind. For example, wheat will produce wheat; corn will produce corn. In a like manner, the word of God, when planted in the hearts of honest people, and obeyed, will produce Christians. Just like it did in the first century. Nothing more - nothing less. We are human, and therefore subject to error, so we recognize the possibility that we may be wrong in our application of the Scriptures. But if we can be shown where we are wrong - by the Scriptures - we are willing and anxious to change. Our goal is to glorify God with all we do.

 The Bradley Church of Christ is undenominational.  We are an independent group of believers in Christ who have been baptized into Jesus Christ for the remission of our sins (Mark 16:16; Acts 2:38; Rom. 6:3,4). We are committed to living by faith in Christ. Our purpose together is to teach and encourage one another in the Christian life and to accomplish the work Christ gives to His church. We seek no affiliation larger than this local congregation. Any cooperative efforts with other churches of Christ are always done in such a manner as to protect the independence of this local church, and their independence as well. While there are numerous other churches of Christ in this area and throughout the world, we are completely autonomous and in no way tied to any inter-congregational or denominational organization. Any cooperation between us in the work of spreading the gospel respects the right and responsibility of each congregation to oversee its own work, decide what to do with itís own funds and to support evangelists of its own choosing and to the extent it decides.  We have an earnest desire to come to a full understanding of the teaching of Christ (Eph. 4:13-16).


The Bradley Church of Christ is interested in serving the Lord in spirit and in truth.  We have bound ourselves to be obligated to no creed other than that which we find in the Bible, which we recognize as an inspired revelation from God. Accepting the New Testament as our final authority, we try to organize, worship and work within the confines of what we can see is clearly revealed in Scripture. We do not hesitate to speak out upon the moral, ethical and religious issues of our times, the solutions for which we firmly believe are in God's word. We have an aggressive program of teaching our members from both pulpit and in Bible classes. Additionally, we encourage private Bible studies in the homes of members and non-members alike. We also provide a Daily Bible Message by phone. Jon W. Quinn works full-time with this congregation as a preacher of the gospel. The Bradley  congregation is at peace and works hard to maintain the brotherly love and close family atmosphere which prevails among our members


Some Things to Expect if you choose to visit us. We will greet you with courtesy and kindness We appreciate your visit with us. Each element of our worship finds its origin in the commands and examples found in the New Testament.

You will not find special collections taken at every service. You will observe that a collection is taken on the Lord's day (1 Corinthians 16:1-3). This congregation is supported by the free will offerings of its members. We do not ask for non-members to financially support our work, nor do we engage in fund raising activities like rummage sales and bingo games. We specialize in being a church, and do not compete with places of amusement.

You will find our worship is orderly and reverent. If you are present on Sunday, the Lord's day, you will observe the congregation eating bread and drinking the fruit of the vine in memory of the death of Christ (Matthew 26:26-29). We do this on the first day of every week, like the Christians did in the first century (Acts 20:7).

Like the first century Christians, we will engage in the singing of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs (Ephesians 5:19). The words in our songs will be easy to understand (1 Corinthians 14:15). God has commanded the sincere praise of His people to come from the heart (Colossians 3 :16).

You will find prayer offered to God the Father through Christ, the Son. We believe in the power and benefits of prayer.

You will observe that the Bible is the text-book to which reference is repeatedly made in our classes and sermons. Special emphasis is placed on that part of the Bible known as the New Testament (2 Timothy 3:16,17; Romans 1:16). You will never be asked  to accept what someone says about the Bible, we want you to read the Bible for yourself to see "whether those things are so" (Acts 17:11). The preachers and teachers here simply love it when people turn in the Scriptures as they are being cited to check out the message that is being delivered!

We want to take this opportunity to ask that you please join us as we assemble to worship Jehovah in the same manner as the Christians of the first century. Be our special guest as we study His Word and lift our voices in praise to Him in song and prayer.


In conclusion,  when you visit our assemblies, your reception will be friendly, kind and courteous. We believe this to be the natural attitude of those who truly love God and mankind. Though you may at first be among strangers, we hope that you will come to know us well and count us as your friends. If these matters find favorable response in your heart, we invite you to consider them further. We thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves.


The Christians of the Bradley Church of Christ

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